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The Suit Up! Product Line


From everyday tailored suits to premium tailored suits.
We have it all!


Style, sophistication and class; everything a finely tailored suit exudes. No matter what brand name or how ridiculously expensive an off the rack suit is, it will never fit you perfectly. The suit never made specifically for your body shape and size. We are here to do that for you!

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Create your perfectly fitted shirts which you will never get from generic stores.


From everyday shirts to shirts for special occasions. No matter what cloth you pick you can be assured it will fit you perfectly.

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How it works - making it simple.

A relaxed free consultation in the comfort of your home. No more waiting in a store for help. Undivided personal attention is what you will get. We want to hear what you want and we will create it for you!

The process is easy....

We bring our extensive array of suit and shirt samples for you to choose from, showing you different styles and customizable options that are available. Once you are satisfied with your personal suit/shirt creation, your measurements will be taken.

After our initial consultation with you, your file is forwarded to our factory immediately. On average it will take 10 days to make your suit/shirts and 4-5 days to be shipped. Before you receive your order, it will be quality checked to make sure your garments are perfect. Your order can be delivered to you in as quickly as 2 weeks.
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When your order is ready to be delivered, you will be contacted by one of our representatives to schedule a second in-home consultation to make sure your clothing fits you perfectly and that you are fully satisfied. If for some reason your clothing needs minor adjustments do not worry! We have tailors within your respective cities at no cost to you.

Let your style be your introduction!

A relaxed free consultation in the comfort of your home. No more waiting in a store for help.

The tailors behind the suits

Suit Up! was recently founded in the Greater Toronto Area and now offers service in Ottawa. We afford all men the opportunity to own a garment they personally design with a fitting unmistakable to a generic factory sized product. From walking into a business meeting to a wedding, no matter what the occasion, we promise you will look your best!

Yes, there are many companies out there claiming to make you a tailored suit or tailored shirts and ship it right to your door at the click of some buttons. Any wise person would know that is a complete gamble. Here at Suit Up! we pride ourselves on giving personal customer attention that will be unsurpassed. We hate using the word "customer"; we think of every person that comes to us as friends that we sincerely want to help look amazing. The best part, this can be done for the same price as any retail store's off the rack prices.

At Suit Up! we respect everyone’s dignity and livelihood so you can be assured that no child labour or slave labour is ever used in the making of your clothing. We strongly believe that no profit should ever be made on the unfortunate situations of others.

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Why listen to us? You don't have too. See what our friends that have recently suited up say about us.

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