Fitting Guarantee

  • We pride ourselves on honesty. Unlike other companies that guarantee you a “perfect fit” right out of the box for your suit, we will not.
  • Your suit is made using 15 measurements of your body which may still not capture every curve of your body.
  • We guarantee the fit of our shirts according to the measurements and custom fit selection provided to us. Any issues will be handled on a case by case basis and photos may need to be submitted regarding the issue.
  • We provide you with a $60CAD (full suit), $35CAD (just jacket), $25(just pants) credit at the time of purchase for any minor adjustments needed once you receive your order. You do not have to submit any receipts to us to receive this credit.
  • We provide a free second fitting to our local clients (Ottawa, Canada) once they receive their suits and we want you to have that same benefit by using this credit if needed. If you do not need or use this credit then you just saved $60CAD on your suit!