Full Guide to Wedding Suits in Canada

You did it! She said “yes” to your magical proposal, and now you are ready to start planning your unforgettable wedding. Preparing for a wedding comes with lots of things to worry about: from getting the right wedding venue, to trying to remember the steps of your first dance. Luckily, choosing the best wedding suit for groom is not one of them with our full guide to wedding suis in Canada.

Wedding Suits in Canada: Where to Start

When choosing wedding suits for men in Canada, it is important to start planning well ahead of time. As the bride usually makes most of the decisions regarding the wedding itself, you have an amazing opportunity to save some time to yourself and focus on your own look and feel at the ceremony. Your most important decision is choosing a groom suit along with accessories.

When Should You Order Wedding Suits?

Wedding Suits for Men | Groom Suits | Canada |The appropriate time to start planning your wedding outfit is approximately 2 to 3 months prior to the ceremony. The timing also depends on whether you are confident in what to wear or need some style advice or self-research to do.

When creating your outfit timeline, consider the time required for tailoring the suit itself, making necessary adjustments, and picking the right accessories.

What is the Perfect Place to Get Wedding Suits?

The entire retail landscape has changed significantly in the past couple of years, and formal suit stores haven’t avoided the changes. The truth is, suit chain stores are quickly falling out of fashion, with companies like Suit Up! Tailors offering well-crafted groom suits in Canada, ordered from the comfort of your home.

In addition to providing a better selection as compared to a traditional retail store, online stores make it much easier for grooms and groomsmen all over Canada to get dressed for the occasion.

At Suit Up! Tailors, we have intuitive and error-proof techniques of collecting your measurements online with our video consultations to ensure that you have a perfectly fitting suit arriving at your door.

How to Choose a Suit for a Wedding?

When choosing wedding suits in Canada, follow these simple tips:

  • Go to a tailor. One of the biggest advantages of buying a custom made suit rather than simply renting a tux is the fit. A made-to-measure suit in Canada will always look better than a suit purchased or rented off the rack.
  • Spend a bit more.The best part about ordering wedding suits in Canada is that it will last for years after the big day is over. Rather than choosing the most affordable suit out there, try to find the best value.
  • Don’t just consider the wedding. When you picture yourself wearing a suit, go beyond simply imagining walking down the aisle, saying your vows, or rocking the dancefloor at the wedding party. Instead, ask yourself if the suit would be versatile enough to suit a variety of situations, such as another friend’s wedding, a dinner party, or a funeral.
  • Plan your accessories. If you are buying a new belt, a tie, and a pair of fancy shoes for the wedding, make sure to choose something that you will want to wear again. Go for shoes that look good with the formal suit, but also look great with a more casual outfit; choose a matching black or brown belt that you will be able to wear on a daily basis.

Wedding Suit Styles for Groom

Of course, your own style and personal taste play a big role when it comes to choosing wedding suits in Canada. However, to find the perfect suit for your wedding, you will have to consider other factors, such as season, time, and location of the ceremony.

  • Classic. If you are thinking about wearing a 3 piece suit for a wedding, go for a two button suit with four buttons on the sleeve, single vent, and side pockets with flaps. Blue is the most classic suit colour suitable for most weddings. However, you can always play with the shade of blue: the options include dark blue, cobalt blue, solid blue, or midnight blue – in pure wool or a blend material.
  • Contemporary. If you want to go for something fresh and more modern, choose from lighter colours in a slim fit three-piece suit. Think about off white, beige, light grey, or light blue. You can play with the fabric, but remember to keep it a three-piece, otherwise, you are at risk of looking too informal standing next to the beautifully dressed bride. If you like to experiment, you can go for a double-breasted suit.
  • Exotic and beach ceremonies. If the special occasion is happening somewhere exotic, it demands a light, breathable fabrics. Forget about tuxedos or dark wool men suits! For a beach wedding, it is important to stay cool, while still looking festive, so you need to find just the right balance. Consider linen blend with cotton or wool and silk blend for the right texture.
  • Church wedding. If you are having a formal ceremony at a church, you need to look smart and traditional: go for wedding suits in Canada in classic colours, such as dark blue or grey.
  • Country style. Country style weddings often allow for a little more flexibility in colours, as the setting is usually more casual. Here, time of day plays a major role: go for wool and silk in dark colours if the ceremony is happening in the evening, and for a lightweight suit with refreshing accessories if the ceremony is happening during the day.

Order Wedding Suits for Men in Canada at Suit Up! Tailors

Whether you are searching for a wedding suit for a groom or groomsmen, Suit Up! Tailors is the perfect one-stop shop for wedding suits in Canada. You can order online a made to measure suit, custom dress shirt, or stylish accessories to make your special day truly unforgettable.

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